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About Us

Buy Art. Do Good. Feel Good.


Buying art with Taby is made to be simple. We curate exhibitions based on themes, and offer ready to hang exclusive fine art print on floating premium canvas frames delivered to your door.


Buying art with Taby is altruistic. We partner with charities from around the world related to each theme of Taby's exhibition to give back to the community that supports us.


Buying art with Taby is good for you, and the world. We give back to charity, meaning that your money supports global charities, and select proven, high-quality artists for each exhibition, meaning that every purchase is a compliment to your wall and your collection.

Our Service

Taby is a premium digital art gallery specialising in contemporary art. We provide several rolling digital exhibitions throughout the year which bring together hand-selected quality artworks under a specific curatorial theme. Taby only exhibits exclusive, limited edition artworks, shipped to your door, which are designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Our objective is to provide every customer with an exceptional piece of art that is ready to hang as soon as it is unpacked. Alongside every digital exhibition, Taby also selects a charity related to the theme of that exhibition, which then receives a portion of our revenue.

Taby is a global team. We are artists, curators and seasoned collectors who have developed exhibitions and worked with galleries all over the world. Our mission is to make choosing and collecting contemporary art as simple as possible; this is why we provide ready to hang artworks through our premium printing, stretching and framing service, offering bespoke curatorial services so that every client is able to find an artist and artwork to match their collection, and partner with a range of specialists to select the best artists for each theme and series. We look forward to serving you.


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